Why are PRO Services in Qatar so important in 2023?


04 Jan, 2023

Anyone looking to start a business in Qatar is likely to hear the term ‘PRO Services’ thrown around quite a bit. So, what are PRO Services exactly – and why do you need them? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at PRO Services to find out what they are, what they offer, and why outsourcing them could be the best decision your new business in Qatar will make.

What are PRO Services?

When we talk about PRO Services in Qatar, we are referring to the range of activities that revolve around the processing of government documents and paperwork. Want to sort out a trade license? Wondering how to renew your company registration? Need to apply for a visa for one of your employees? These are all covered under PRO Services.

Here are some of the most requestedPRO Services in Qatar:

  • Commercial Registration applications, amendments, and renewals
  • Application and assistance in relation to share transfers
  • Obtaining or amending Trade Licenses
  • Obtaining or amending labor quotas
  • Applying for, renewing, and canceling visas for employees and their families
  • Acquiring and renewing regulatory approvals
  • Company sponsorship (also known as individual sponsorship)
  • Organizing customs clearance

Why do you need PRO Services?

Every company in Qatar requires the services of a Public Relations Officer or PRO (sometimes referred to as a Government Liaison Officer).

With a full understanding of what is required – during start-up and ongoing – the PRO makes sure the company remains compliant, dealing with all necessary government paperwork in a timely manner so that the company stays on the right side of the law.

While some companies may choose to have their own in-house PRO, others choose to outsource their PRO requirements to professionals offering PRO Services, such as Fusion. Opting to outsource PRO Services can offer any number of benefits.

Why are PRO Services important?

Professionals who offer PRO Services deal with them day in, and day out. That means they know exactly what is needed, even as regulations change year by year or even month by month.

  • Your business will be set up correctly, with your PRO Services professional ensuring all required licenses are applied for, and all approvals are gained from the correct ministry or department.
  • You, your employees, and any family members visiting or settling in Qatar will have the correct visa, with visa renewals and cancellations all being made in a timely manner.
  • Your company will remain compliant as you continue to do business in Qatar, with your PRO Services professional making sure all renewals and amendments are organized where needed.
  • Your company will have the guidance it needs, from an expert in company formation.
  • Your company will be able to focus on what’s important, instead of taking time to worry about what paperwork needs to be filled out and posted where.
  • Your company can enjoy a cost-effective solution, avoiding unnecessary fines that could come your way if you don’t have a professional at your side.
  • Outside of work, you and your employees will have assistance in everything from opening a bank account and obtaining a Qatari ID Card to signing a residential lease and connecting to utilities such as electricity.

Why choose Fusion Support Services for your PRO Services?

With years of experience offering PRO Services, Fusion Support Services is the expert you need at your side as you start a business in Qatar. Dealing with PRO Services every day, the professionals at Fusion know exactly what needs done and when taking the stress completely out of your hands.

To find out more about what Fusion could offer you as you set up your business in Qatar, contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.