Management of Business Licenses

Reliable partner that ensures smoother business operations in Qatar

The Middle East has a very systematic and organized work culture. Setting up a business here requires intricately detailed paperwork, permits, and licenses. Fusion Middle East collaborates with the partners and the government to ensure the process of documentation is devoid of any faults or missing pieces.

The intricacies of acquiring a business license in the Middle East involve numerous keynote and factors which can be assisted by Fusion Middle East.

The type of business license one needs is based on business jurisdictions and we help to identify that

The process of acquiring the license requires a detailed series of documentations that we assist to process

The list of licenses renewing authorities expands and changes with time; hence it is essential to note the regular changes and keep the documents updated at all times.

What are the types of business licenses you need in Qatar

Fusion Middle East can help in the complete assistance for the management of the Business Licenses from under a single roof.


Types of Business Licenses

Business Licenses vary based on the type of business. We cater to all five categories of licenses required by a business in Qatar. Be it Commercial License, Professional License, Industrial license, Small Business / Ecommerce License, or Freelance permit, our expert team analyzes and ensures you fulfill the necessary criteria for it.


Choosing the appropriate Business Jurisdiction

Based on the target customer base, choosing the proper business jurisdiction is crucial. The three primary business jurisdictions are:
1. Offshore
2. Mainland
3. Freezone
The license issuing authorities for all three jurisdictions are different. Fusion assists in making the right choice for individual business structure.


Business License management

FME helps in facilitating the process of acquiring and maintaining the license. From legal translation to regular renewal, numerous processes need to be taken care of continuously throughout the year which makes the Business Management team important.


Communication Assistance

The skilled team of Fusion keeps track of the documentation. It maintains hassle-free communication between the business owners and the government officials through regular updates and continuous paperwork, tax payment, and other legal formalities.

Client Testimonials

February 2023 marks the 9th year that M1 Support Services has been a client of and partner with Fusion Middle East. Ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements has been the primary objective of our business operations in Qatar. The Fusion ME team’s expertise in company formation, registration, labor, banking, and taxation has proven effective in our ability to meet each Ministry’s evolving requirements. Their knowledge and experience provide efficient customer support to minimize wait time and unproductive delays. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Fusion Middle East.

William Shelt
General Manager

M1 Support Services, LLC

Hamilton international school has been a client of Fusion Middle East since 2019. The partnership with Fusion Middle East has been working well over the past 4 years. They provide us with business support at the highest level. The team we liaise with is professional and courteous. We highly recommend Fusion Middle East to anyone who is looking for long-term business support.

WMP has enjoyed a business relationship with Fusion Middle East since 2014. During our time working with Fusion, we have found them to be dependable, knowledgeable, and trusted local business partners.
Quite rightly, they have an excellent reputation within Qatar and can always be relied upon to deliver. In an often challenging and dynamic, high-growth market such as Qatar, they provide not only a suite of crucial business establishment and management services but also, wise counsel.

Our experience over the past three years with Fusion has been outstanding. Fusion’s support and commitment toward WIS operations ensure that our business requirements comply with local law regulations. WIS would recommend Fusion to be a valued partner for any company starting a Qatar-based business.

Fusion has been a great business partner and a PRO services provider since 2016. They have a profound understanding of our business needs and are experts on legal, commercial, and immigration requirements in Qatar. We appreciate their great support in helping us through major transitions in our company. Fusion is always there, ready to assist and we are happy to continue with them.