Dhareeba – Empowering Corporate Tax Compliance in Qatar


18 Apr, 2024

Dhareeba, the online tax portal of GTA (General Tax Authority), serves as an important platform for companies operating in Qatar to fulfill their tax obligations efficiently. Fusion can follow companies step by step in carrying out all the necessary documentation correctly and in good time.

Dhareeba Registration Requirements: all companies operating in Qatar, including those in free zones, are mandated to register with Dhareeba. The registration process involves providing essential information related to the company’s address, establishment contact person details, and income tax-related projections. Failure to register within 60 days of incorporation or commencing commercial activities attracts a penalty of 20,000 QAR.

Tax Card: Dhareeba Tax Registration serves as the Tax Card for companies. The Tax Card is a critical document that signifies a company’s compliance with tax regulations. Non-registration within the stipulated 60-day period results in financial penalties.

Annual Audit Submission: Annual financial statements, audited by locally appointed auditors, must be submitted through Dhareeba within four months of the financial year-end. The submission deadline for companies with a financial year ending on December 31, 2023, is April 30, 2024. Failure to comply incurs penalties of QR 500 per day up to a maximum of QR 180,000 per year. Additionally, a penalty of 2% of the tax amount due per month of delay is imposed.

Communication and Corporate Governance: Companies are reminded of their legal obligations under Companies Law and Income Tax Law to prepare annual financial statements and submit audited accounts to GTA through Dhareeba. Failure to adhere to these regulations results in severe penalties.

Annual Shareholders’ General Assembly Meeting (AGM): Following the completion of audited accounts, companies are required to conduct an AGM. The General Manager issues invitations to shareholders to discuss all relevant agenda items, sign off on results for last year and appoint manager/auditors for the next year.

Legal Compliance and Litigations/Disputes: Companies are urged to keep all partners informed about any litigations or disputes. Timely sharing of information related to legal matters is crucial to avoid penalties, such as travel bans or other restrictions.

Dhareeba emerges as a cornerstone of corporate tax compliance in Qatar, streamlining processes and ensuring adherence to legal obligations. Companies are encouraged to prioritize timely registration, annual audit submissions, and communication with relevant authorities to avoid penalties and uphold good corporate governance.