About Vital Health Technologies

Vital Health Technologies L.L.C (VHT) is a medical and research technology distribution company, delivers services and solutions to the healthcare and clinical research industry, based in Doha-Qatar. VHT delivers its services and solutions to the entire GCC countries through our trusted partners from each nation.

The demand for a high-quality healthcare environment is increasing vertically in the modern world. Vital health technologies play a major role in accelerating the technology advancement in the middle east by introducing cutting edge technologies from the rest of the world to the local market.

VHT has been always unique in its approach to customer requirements while assuring international standards throughout all our project implementations. Thanks to our highly experienced and dedicated team of managers, application specialists and engineers for thinking in line with our client’s requirements.

Vital health technologies are committed to providing fast service support to all our customers to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment and solutions that we delivered.

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