UV-C disinfection has been used for over 50 years and is still incorporated in products that are addressing the need for disinfectant solutions. Products using UV-C light are increasingly used in public spaces to disinfect surfaces exposed to bacteria and viruses – including the COVID-19 strain.

Fusion Technology introduces a range of products using UV-C light for disinfecting various vulnerable high touch surfaces, like tablets, cash registers, and pin pads. These products help prevent the virus spread in public areas, providing an important measure to ensure safety for citizens.

The UV Stand-Alone disinfects portable devices like tablets and cell phones placed on its matte black tray by dispensing UV-C light at timed intervals. It is activated through motion-sensor and kills 99.9% of all pathogens. The Stand Alone is easily assembled by attaching the head unit to the stand and is made of 100% recyclable UV stable plastic. This product can be used for any small high touch items as it eliminates the transfer of harmful bacteria, making it ideal in any public space where people bring their phones or other devices. The disinfection is quick and easy and can be utilized while people pass through body scanners in public spaces like hotels.

The UV-Clean Surface Mount also provides disinfection through UV-C wavelengths. It can be used as both a free-standing unit or removed from its stand to be attached to monitor bezels. Targeting high touch surfaces, this product can be mounted above monitors and keyboards and disinfects automatically. It is perfect for office spaces or anywhere computers and monitors are used regularly. It can also be used to sanitize cash registers, making it an effective solution for retail.

For automated cleaning 24/7, the UV-10 Thin Bracket is designed to disinfect touchscreens and other surfaces. It is equipped with a motion sensor and supports cleaning protocols without staff interaction through its seamless integration. The Thin Bracket emits UV-C light to disinfect smaller surfaces like touchscreens, tablets, and pin pads. It can be used in areas like retail, banks, and the hospitality industry, or where any kind of touchscreen is used regularly by customers or staff.

High touch surfaces are used regularly in almost every sector and without disinfection they easily transfer bacteria and viruses among people. The battle against COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of effective solutions to improve safety. UV-C light is a trusted technology that eradicates pathogens and can be used in products to specifically target high touch surfaces. These products help protect the safety of customers and employees.

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